Call for Assistance

Let your customers call specific staff members (or management) when they require assistance at key touch points throughout your business.

Free up resources

Customer convenience


measure response times

Call for Assistance Scenario

Place Call for Assistance pads at strategic touch points throughout your business environment, such as department counters, high-value cabinets, product advice areas, among others. Measure staff response times to optimize staff efficiency and improve customers experience.

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call for assistance

Call for Assistance Pad

Placed at strategic customer touch points requiring ad-hoc staff assistance.

call for assistance

Call for Assistance Pad with Survey

Placed at strategic customer touchpoints requiring ad-hoc staff assistance. Measure staff response times and service levels with the single question survey.

Alert Devices

call for assistance

Assistance Alert Light

Assistance Alert Lights are placed near call pads to alerts when they have been activated. Visual and audible alerts assist staff in responding to service calls.

call for assistance

Assistance Alert Buzzer

Audibly notify staff when a customer requires their assistance. Customers simply press the “Call” button on the pad and the buzzer will beep.

Instant Alerts & Reporting

Notify relevant staff member of service requirements using a smartphone chat app. Instant call alerts give your team members the opportunity to stay connect to, and assist customers in need.

The responding team member can assist and provide feedback about the customers requirements and how they were dealt with, keeping all team members informed. This efficient customer service excellence will ultimately improve your customer and staff experience alike, and improve your bottom line.

Grow your business and achieve great customer service. Our reports offer an easy way to measure key staff performance areas.