Smart Locker

Now, more than ever, retailers are looking to improve their order fulfilment and logistics strategies for a more efficient, reliable, convenient and contact-free customer experience. Introducing the Smart Locker.

Purpose built

Complete hardware and software intelligent locker solutions that have been developed specifically with retail requirements in mind


Lockers designed for convenience, simplistic and natural user interfaces for both customers and staff alike


View stats in real-time or for a custom period, showing current & historic KPI’s as well as trended hourly/daily comparisons


Locally designed and manufactured, both hardware and software components, allowing for attractive pricing

smart locker

Smart Locker

The locks are secure and can only be opened by authorized staff or customers. Modular designs allowing future expansion without affecting the original installation. Module size can be designed according to clients specifications

  • Modular designs allowing future expansion without affecting the original installation
  • Dimensions : Height – 2.1m, Depth – 400mm, Width – 900mm
  • Example cabinet – 36 modules: Primary cabinet houses screen and server, 8/9 modules (300mm X 300mm), 27 modules (200mm X 200mm)
  • Electronically actuated
  • Primary locker has a screen for loading and unloading of goods
  • Secondary lockers link to the primary locker wirelessly
  • All lockers are monitored for a change of state: Door opened/closed
  • Lockers linked to offsite server via network infrastructure – cloud based
  • 150kg lock strength
  • Custom branding available to complement your corporate identity
  • Custom dimensions to meet your specific needs
  • Add as many locker drops as required with simple integration

How it works

The locker boasts our touchscreen software for ease of use. Staff can load packages as simple as providing a customers mobile number. With the use of OTP’s and electronic locks, tampering is avoided.

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