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IoT Solutions

We don’t like to categorize our stuff as IoT, as this seems to be that everything is now “IoT”, but unfortunately it is.  Ultimately, IoT can help your traditional Brick & Mortar Shop compete with today’s eCommerce world, by dramatically improving customer experience, decreasing unnecessary expenses, and improving basket spend. See how we do it below…

Solutions We've Implemented

Queue Systems​

From simple Linear Queue Systems to more advanced Virtual & Online Queue Systems. Make customers more comfortable with their wait, and supports a more efficient and productive environment for customers and staff.

Facilities Management

Give your customers the opportunity to let cleaning or maintenance staff members or management know when the bathroom is out of supplies or needs cleaning. Give staff the ability to login when attending to a bathroom.

Electronic Feedback Surveys​

Pose key performance-based questions in a simple and easy format with our feedback pads, providing a convenient and unobtrusive way for your customers or staff to give you insight into their experience.

People Counting​

Our wireless passive infra-red people counter, heat-map, and MAC tracking help you understand in-store activity, busy times of the day and days of the week, to identify trends and manage staff compliment.

Call For Service​

Give your customers the opportunity to let specific department staff members or management know when requiring assistance at a key customer touch-point all over your business.

Temperature Tracking​

Remotely check temperatures of fridges and cooling rooms to ensure they are functioning at all times. No more lost merchandise due to faulty equipment.

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