Instant Alerts

Drive operational excellence and employee productivity by receiving calls-to-action in real-time with our Service Systems Instant Alerts.

Notify relevant staff members of service shortfalls using a smartphone chat app. Instant alerts give your team members the opportunity to assist customers who have be affected by your automated system trigger-points, helping you implement service recovery at the moment of truth.

The responding team member can provide feedback using the smartphone chat app, keeping other team members informed about the engagement. This efficient service excellence will ultimately improve your customer and staff experience alike, which in turn improves your bottom line.

Power of Instant Alerts


Keep key staff members connected to the pulse of the business using a familiar group chat which receives system-generated notifications.


Using the same group, team members post feedback on their interactions with customers, promoting transparency and a culture of open communication, helping each other to improve their customer service.


By instant engagement, customer service situations can be diffused or resolved before you lose your customer and face bad social media press.


Delight your customers by engaging them and increasing their loyalty, in turn improving your bottom line.

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