Our consumer service management and rating platform offers wireless technology solutions for Customer Service Feedback and surveys, as well as Linear (Retail) Queue Management Systems. Get real-time data on customer service and satisfaction levels, staff performance, as well as general operational & analytical feedback.

Our cloud-based big data and retail analytics solutions give management the ongoing ability to benchmark staff and overall service performance, as well as implement real-time in-store market research.


Within Homechoices retail stores is their administration departments, offering various services such as higher purchase application, among others. Homechoice required a cost-effective, user-friendly method of measuring footfall into their branches as well as managing and monitoring the queues requiring assistance from the admin department. Service Systems was able to provide a solution for both challenges within their OPEX budgets.


Baptcare required a low cost, unobtrusive, user-friendly method of getting constant feedback from residents, on the quality of food at their facilities dining areas. Service Systems feedback devices were the best fit for their requirements at a favourable price point that made the decision easy.


Arwyp required a way to manage the queue in their reception area. Service Systems was able to offer a customised solution that suited their needs and their budget, helping them monitor the queues and offering them insight into patients’ experience at their reception and pharmacy areas.


Levi’s management needed a way to ensure that their staff and stores provide the best possible experience to their customers. In addition, their Tell Us online feedback portal provides a multipurpose platform where customers can engage and provide feedback, or participate in competitions or promotions.


Owing to the prohibitive cost and complicated nature of competitor systems, we were able to offer a customised solution that suited their needs, improved their customer service and gave them valuable insight into their customer experience.

Unity Finance

Two key factors in our success with Unity Finance are our highly competitive pricing and the modular and the scale-able nature of our Queue Management Systems. On-boarding new branches for this rapidly growing business is a seamless process, supported by their highly capable and super-skilled IT team.


We are proud that GEMS was our very first-ever Queue Management customer! Service Systems was able to offer a customised solution that suited their needs and their budget, helping them stay within Scheme Guidelines on acceptable practice and offering them insight into members experience at their branches.

Western Cape Government

Being an agile, flexible and competitive service provider, we are able to offer the Western Cape Government complete customised solutions to their varying requirements at Citizen walk-in centres across the province.


Management embarked on a mission to improve the queuing experience by making it easier for customers to enter the queue by taking a ticket and then either taking a seat (without worrying about where they are in the queue) or continuing to shop within the store while they wait to be called.

Service Systems was approached to assist with implementing a solution that best suited Clicks’ needs. The system had to be cost-effective due to the number of stores that would need to come onboard.