Importance of Analytics in Retail

analytics in retail

What every retail business wants is to have more customers, keep them loyal, and most of all selling more products to those customers. To do this they need to ensure they have the right products at the right prices, but above all that, offer a great customer experience. How do businesses make sure they are achieving these goals? The answer is analytics. No business can improve without the hard data that shows them what their customers want and feel.

The Human Touch In The Customer Experience

We live in an age where business technology is growing at a rapid pace. But no technology can replace the feeling of being appreciated as a customer like an interaction with a human being. Well, at least not yet.

2019 – The Year of the Smiley

Electronic customer feedback survey devices are popping up all over. From simple push-button pads to more comprehensive touch screen kiosks. Let’s face it, there is no better time to gather feedback than right at the moment of truth. And there are great companies providing these solutions like Service Systems, HappyOrNot, FeedbackNow (recently acquired by Forrester) among others. But are they considered to be more of a nuisance “toy” or a benefit?